4 Michigan bands we're listening to

4 Michigan bands we’re listening to

This collection of bands who’ve come across our radar recently is irresponsibly packed with talent. I’m worried this post will somehow burst at its nonexistent seams because of the excess of good sounds here. These Michigan bands span the spectrum of genre, and each delivers high caliber examples of their respective spots on the map.


This Marquette-based punk five piece recently released a two-song EP that’s packed with energy.  I want to blast this through my car’s stereo on a sunny summer evening drive around my hometown. These two tracks are just pure summer, young love, and recklessness. Case in point: “I crashed my car in the creek because I haven’t had a good story to tell you in several weeks.”

Gosh Pith

Detroit’s duo Gosh Pith delivers smooth, R&B-influenced electronic jams on their recently released four-song EP, “Gold Chain.” Sultry vibes that you can buy on mint vinyl. Feast your ears on this luxury:

Lipstick Jodi

Lipstick Jodi slays. The catchy tracks on their EP “Good Not Great” are absolutely addictive. I will admit to having had to suppress the urge to jump around my cubicle dancing to these songs. In pursuit of a better outlet for this kind of behavior, I’m going to do myself a favor and catch one of their Grand Rapids shows. You should too.


Michigander captured my heart after I watched this session with Real Feels.  “Ghost” gave me some truly real feels. These songs are so tender and sweet and full. The Kalamazoo-based indie-rock group has a bunch of upcoming shows in Michigan that promise to impress. Find out when they’re playing near you. And watch out for their new single, “Nineties,” which will be released on April 29.