Mostly Updating, Reacclimating

2012 January 15th

Readers, Friends,

2011 was a weird, good year. We feel very fortunate and grateful that you, the people who come to Mostly Midwest and keep us doing what we do, brought our pageviews up from 25,000 throughout 2010, to well over 50,000 in 2011. That’s double! It feels so great to be able to watch ourselves grow like that.

With the new year we hope to start on the right foot, albeit a little late, and get as much content to you as possible and continue to grow. We’re bringing in new writers, new help, new features, new articles. The radio show is going to be coming back on WMTU 91.9fm Houghton. And we’re getting mean. Okay, maybe not mean (edit, see comments for clarification), but one of our biggest criticisms has been “do you guys just love everyone?” well, no – we always felt that we should only share with you the things we like and of course we’re only going to say nice things about them. But maybe you’ll like the things we don’t like (edit, as much), so we’re going to start sharing those, too.

We’ve been unusually silent lately, and want to issue some sort of explanation and apologies. Beyond the technical difficulties of coming home to no internet, some broken software, and lost files (that were backed up, thankfully!) one big thing has been keeping me from getting new content out to you. Running a music blog isn’t easy, but it gets easier once you get into the swing of it. Do this, do that, render the videos, upload, write, repeat. The more you do anything, the easier it gets. A couple months of living in Kalamazoo and I was some sort of video processing machine. I had everything I needed set up exactly the way I liked, filming sweet bands at The Strutt every night, and blasting videos into the internet a day or two later. When I started getting ready to move back to the UP in December, I took a look at my “Not Done” video folder and was amazed (and overwhelmed) by what I saw – over 30 hours of un-edited, un-seen footage I had collected from being downstate, and I hadn’t even gone to Mittenfest yet! After that my life was full of driving, moving, packing, and unpacking for most of the month, until I finally got settled back into Houghton just last week. New content has been generated up until getting back here, and now it’s time to start sifting through it.

As I’ve told everyone who’s asked me, living downstate was one of the greatest things ever. As much as I love the culture and history and beauty of Houghton and the Upper Peninsula, Kalamazoo was (IS) thriving with great music and art just screaming to be documented. Returning to what appears as a musical wasteland in comparison has been depressing to say the least, and editing footage of my best memories that are now gone as I’m waking up to go to classes and work isn’t the easiest thing to do – but I’m getting over it.

August is still in Kalamazoo and will still be covering a lot of the great things going on there, and I’m back in Houghton doing work for The Orpheum Theatre, where there’s going to be a lot of sweet shows happening in the future. I’ve already got one set up this Friday, January 20th. Our first Mostly Midwest Songwriter Showcase at the Orpheum featuring Small Houses and Matt Langlais. Come say hi if you’re around!

In short, we’re sorry – I’m sorry, for allowing personal dilemma and readjustment impede our distribution of new content to you. Also for everyone who has sent us e-mails we haven’t gotten to or expected us to post things that we haven’t yet. I assure you we are getting through everything that we’ve been sitting on, and you’ll love the things we have to bring you in 2012. There are so many beautiful, amazing things being created in the midwest right now, and we want to bring it all to you. This is the year of the Midwest. We’re settled in, we’re going for the throat, and we’re going to bring it to you on a digital platter.

Thank you all so much for your continued support.

With love,

p.s. – if you’ve been coming to mostly midwest and enjoying what we do, i’d like to briefly ask you to consider making a small donation either by clicking “Donate” in the sidebar, or through our “pay-what-you-want” mixtape. we don’t make any money doing what we do, and every month invest a little more into something else, whether it be some new equipment, going to a show, or new features for the website. any little bit helps making mostly midwest grow and opens new doors for us. no matter what, we’ll keep running, so give only if you can, want, and have already been supporting artists and musicians. they deserve it more than we do. a few people have been asking me about t-shirts again. we still have a few sizes available in the forest green. e-mail me at steven AT mostlymidwest DOT com if you’d like to get your hands on one, we also have some handmade mixtapes and other various things if you want some swag. we love you.

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“Mostly Updating, Reacclimating”

I love you guys. Keep it up.


When “getting mean” I think it will be important to understand what your purpose for this website is. If it is an outlet to voice your opinions, that’s great, keep the content flowing and some of that will naturally be negative. If it’s a tool to build and strengthen a music culture that you value, I would approach anything negative very carefully. Of course you need to be honest, but understand the repercussions of injecting any negative energy. Personally, I am not interested in reading a blog that tells me what new music I should avoid. I would much rather read about what new bands I am missing out on because they’re really good.

Keep up the good work this year.


Thanks Dan! Probably a good idea for us to expand on that a little. “Getting Mean” for Mostly Midwest is definitely not our goal for 2012, more so that we won’t be as glaringly positive about everything. I don’t think we’ll post or review anything we think our readers *shouldn’t* listen to, but that we’ll be slightly more critical of the things we do post. It’s not that we haven’t been mean enough, but we think we’ve been a little too nice.


We love you.


Maybe you could just hire people who do like things that you don’t like.


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