2010 November 1st

Mostly Midwest may be ‘stationed’ in the Upper Peninsula, but lets face it; there’s more to local music than the Keweenaw can ever dream to know. As Mostly Midwest grows, I hope our number of writers does as well. For now, we’re going to be seeing updates from not only Houghton and Kalamazoo, MI; but all over the Midwest.


Steven Michael Holmes

Moving to Houghton was easily the single strongest catalyst for my involvement in local music. Growing up in Iron Mountain, MI gave me a harrowing perspective on the creative production that could happen in a small town. Moving north, however, immersed me into a rich music scene that is ran by those who choose to be involved. There is no application process. No formal interviews. It is simply my, and anyone else’s, willingness to participate that allows us to have any influence. Not only was I able to jump right in and help out, but it seemed like we could do anything. With the college radio station, WMTU, throwing shows like Keweenawesomefest where bands drove hundreds of miles to play for little more than gas money, and an audience of hundreds, it was incredible to me that a group of college students could create such a strong sense of community in a place many people don’t even realize exists. As time went on, seeing this beautiful community go unnoticed to so many was bummin’ me out. Thus, Mostly Midwest was born. Initially the idea was to cover and inform the Keweenaw area on the musical happenings, but our reach quickly expanded to Kalamazoo, Chicago, East Lansing, and more. It’s hard for only a few people to give all the musicians and artists the attention they deserve, but we do our best and hope to give you unique and timely content about long-time favorites and new faces and sounds alike.

Dillon Geshel

I’m here to write about the loud, the fast, the grit and dust unsettled from the rafters in a basement when the amplifiers are pushed, when the floor tom and cymbal stand are simultaneously knocked off their legs and sent toppling, the shouting, how the song still chugs like a train through the room, all metal and smoke.

I live in Houghton, Michigan, where I play in punk bands and go to school. I read, write, and watch movies when I’m not working or doing something less cool. I’ll mostly be sharing with you my interest in music from the Midwest, specifically punk and hardcore culture, whether than means band interviews, album reviews, or ramblings on whatever’s got me itching for the moment.


August Smith

Hello, I am August Smith. I study English Literature at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, and spend most of my time either there or in Iron Mountain. I write about anything on Mostly Midwest, tending towards the folksier and poppier sides of the grand musical spectrum. I occassionally write about books on here, too. You can often find me drinking coffee and typing on my computer in a basement during a beautiful day.


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