Mostly Midwest is a blog with its crosshairs on the midwestern music scene, featuring profiles, interviews, reviews, photos, videos, and more. We err on the self-indulgent gush-about-our-favorite-bands side of things, but we promise to keep you entertained while we do it.


steven holmes

Steven Holmes

founding editor, videography, photography, etc.

Sometimes I think “Maybe I’ll go enjoy a show just for myself tonight.” and fifteen minutes into the band’s set I have an anxiety attack about the really cool song they’re playing and the fact that I don’t have my camera ready. Sometimes I hastily put together write-ups about bands or albums I like and don’t double check my spelling and grammar. I consistently yearn to share the things I hear and see with others.

marie orttenburger

Marie Orttenburger

profiles, show coverage, reviews, web design, etc.

I’m a technical writer, reporter and editor. I grew up in Michigan’s superior peninsula, but I have resided in Grand Rapids for the last 4 years. I like walking my dog, playin the violin, listenin to tunes, and learnin new stuff.

August Smith

August Smith

album reviews, show coverage, interviews, lists, ephemera

Born/raised in Iron Mountain, educated/germinated in Kalamazoo, and now studying poetry in Boston, writing for Mostly Midwest is my link back to the songs of my homeland. I like colorful music, convoluted sentences, and nuanced beers. You can read my poems, chapbooks, and other published works at my website. I also run a micropress called Cool Skull Press which publishes chapbooks of poetry.

Charlie Steen

videography, photography

After four years of school in the U.P., I moved to Ann Arbor on a whim. Now, I work really hard to grow as a cinematographer and camera professional. I’m an avid lover of film, music, and craft brews—if I’m not on a project or at a local show, you can find me watching a movie and sipping on some Michigan beer.