Mostly Midwest is a blog with its crosshairs on the midwestern music scene, featuring profiles, interviews, reviews, photos, videos, and more. We err on the self-indulgent gush-about-our-favorite-bands side of things, but we promise to keep you entertained while we do it.


steven holmes

Steven Holmes

founding editor, videography, photography, etc.

Sometimes I think “Maybe I’ll go enjoy a show just for myself tonight.” and fifteen minutes into the band’s set I have an anxiety attack about the really cool song they’re playing and the fact that I don’t have my camera ready. Sometimes I hastily put together write-ups about bands or albums I like and don’t double check my spelling and grammar. I consistently yearn to share the things I hear and see with others.

Dillon Geshel

Dillon Geshel

album reviews, interviews, ramblings

Hailing from Houghton, Michigan where I live with my wife and two dogs. Mostly Midwest keeps me close to the music I crave that’s otherwise so far away–usually some fusion of punk and hardcore. The skin on my neck exhibits an unusual amount of elasticity when stretched. It may appall you. My fiction has previously appeared in Metazen.

August Smith

August Smith

album reviews, show coverage, interviews, lists, ephemera

Born/raised in Iron Mountain, educated/germinated in Kalamazoo, and now studying poetry in Boston, writing for Mostly Midwest is my link back to the songs of my homeland. I like colorful music, convoluted sentences, and nuanced beers. You can read my poems, chapbooks, and other published works at my website. I also run a micropress called Cool Skull Press which publishes chapbooks of poetry.

marie orttenburger

Marie Orttenburger

profiles, show coverage, reviews, web design, etc.

I’m a technical writer turned student of environmental journalism. I, too, grew up in Michigan’s superior peninsula, but I have resided in Grand Rapids for the last 4 years. I like walking my dog, playin the violin, listenin to tunes, and learnin new stuff.

Dana Kim

writer, photographer

I grew up in the midwest and spent the past four years falling in love with the upper peninsula of Michigan. I enjoy contemporary art and design, collecting zines and going to house shows. I currently live and work in Boulder, Colorado.