Bridgehouse Session : Goddard

Here at Mostly Midwest, and the Bridgehouse, we’re pretty lax people. I’m willing to try just about anything, but when friend and Goddard guitarist Jason Karby suggested Goddard do a Bridgehouse Session I was mortified. All we had done was small acoustic groups. Our session with The Bell Beat was pretty big, but even that gave us a headache for a couple hours of technical difficulties. I was dedicated to trying it out, though, and thankfully with the handiwork of Troy and Dan doing our sound engineering we got a solid session out of it.

I had heard Goddard’s recordings from their Bandcamp, and I was definitely impressed – but I felt like something was missing; some sort of “wow” factor. It didn’t take long for that thought to go away when they started rehearsing in my basement. The energy and sound was incredible, and the technical compositions of the songs is great. I’ll stop geeking out and let you see for yourself.

Editing/Cinematography by Steven Holmes
Audio Engineering/Mixing by Troy Wiitala and Dan Haefs.

Audio will be available for free download on our bandcamp later this week.