Bridgehouse Session : Sycamore Smith

I don’t generally quote friends in my articles, but my girlfriend Alex put it best – “Sycamore Smith is the finest of wines.” Describing Sycamore to people is a chore. In the truest sense he’s a folk artist, but the tales told through his songs are finely spun stories about dark characters doing insane things. On the surface, they appear to be nothing more than entertainment, but look deep enough and you’ll find some authentic critiques of our modern world.

Lately Sycamore hasn’t been doing too much solo performing. Instead, he’s been focusing on his new punk-trio The Redettes. Both borrowing songs from Sycamore’s past and creating new ones, The Redette’s definitely give new life to old songs. As a long-time Sycamore fan I originally found myself turned off by the addition of raucous drums and bass, but over time began to appreciate the new sound and am now looking forward to the upcoming release from The Redettes.

Sycamore has been involved in the Michigan music scene for a while now, and his early band The Muldoons has made an impression on prior generations across the Upper Peninsula. They’ve recently made their albums available for sale online, and they’re donating their cut of the sales to the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter.