Chris Buhalis Video Session

Chris Buhalis Video Session

Suffering many delays after losing a fight with a table saw, Chris Buhalis is about finished with his new record, which will feature some great artists both local and national. Leading up to two sold out showcases this past weekend, we taped his song The Virgins in his front yard one evening last week.

Of it he writes:

“The first time I saw them I was walking along the river with my friend Chad Pastotnik. We walked from his studio, Deepwood Press, where I had been admiring his print The Virgins. There they were right in front of us. Two giant white pines towering high over the woods. The two of us couldn’t reach our arms around one of them. They took my breath away then and every time I’ve visited them since that day.

Virgin white pines and jack pines once covered the state of Michigan. It is said that during the logging boom of the early 20th Century, enough of them were cut to floor the United States east of the Mississippi with one inch thick boards. They were cut with only profit in mind and areas of incredible beauty were decimated for generations. I don’t know why the Virgins I know were spared from the saw. I do know that I’m glad that they were and that destruction of majestic natural beauty like the white pines is something we must never let happen again.

I’m writing this in Michigan. The Great Lakes basin has about 20% of the world’s freshwater. The same interests that profited from our great pine forests are intent on doing the same with our water. I know I’m gonna stay.”

The song will be featured on his album Big Car Town, which is due out in November. For more of his music and information on the new album visit