DC, River Street Anthology

DC, River Street Anthology

Matt tells this story anytime he talks about DC, and I think it’s worth putting down here for posterity.

When we were filming in the First Congregational Church in Kalamazoo for the River Street Anthology we had scheduled ourselves a busy day. We were maybe 10 or 15 groups deep when Kandace Lavender, known as DC, shyly walked up front. I was getting my gear ready and I said to her “So you’re up next?” and she replied “Yeah.”

I said “…and you’re performing alone, a capella?”


“Hell yeah.”

I knew that DC’s voice and spirit were going to fill that room, but I didn’t know just how inspiring it would be. In both performances, she goes from singing to spoken word/hip hop, and the pairing of the two accomplishes something profound and important.