FAWN signs to Qui Sci, new live video

I love FAWN. I saw them at Mittenfest a couple months ago and they were great. They’ve got that really fun guy from Javelins playing drums, Matt Rickle. Also Alicia Gbur, Christian Doble, and Mike Spence. They seemed really fun, too. Don’t wanna make it sound like Matt’s the only fun guy.

Anyway, my Facebook feed exploded (well like five posts) of FAWN signing to Quite Scientific, and I kind of just smiled and nodded. It made perfect sense. Joining the ranks of other Mostly Midwest favorites on Quite Scientific such as Chris Bathgate, Stepdad, Jr. Jr., Drunken Barn Dance, the list goes on… pretty much – we love Quisci.

So help us welcome FAWN into the family, dig on this new video of them from Mittenfest and then scootch over to their bandcamp for some free downloads and like em on facebook to keep up.

I really hope I can get a FAWN vinyl soon.