How to Listen to Divorcee's Debut Self-titled EP While Moving Back to Your Hometown with Mild Resentment

How to Listen to Divorcee’s Debut Self-titled EP While Moving Back to Your Hometown with Mild Resentment

Divorcee is a low-fi pop duo featuring former lovers Anna Stewart and Yoni Wolf. Their debut self-titled EP is for listening to while moving back to your home town with mild resentment.

First, spend your last week in the city alone; your wife has already moved home to start her new job. Eat takeout every day and walk around the lower harbor in the evenings. Wait until the night before your move to begin packing.

In an echoing, empty dining room place two small speakers on the floor. Begin streaming Divorcee’s six song EP on repeat. Crafted by former lovers in regards to their own rough patches and eventual break up, the songs lend to your own separation with the city you must leave. Think about that a lot. It’s what these songs are for.

In the morning, drive north in return to your former city. Listen to the EP’s first track, “Snakes and Oysters”, as the highway grows narrow and familiar the closer you are to home. Linger on the sudden thought that any inherent association between Home and Comfort is lost on you. Feel uprooted, transplanted, unable to settle back into the before.

The games in the parlor became covered in dust
And it became hard for you to win back my trust

The first thing you’ll notice about your new rental is that the two-dozen stairs leading to the front door have no railings. Climb the stairs with your belongings and an incessant fear of falling to the street below. Holler for your dogs where they perch from atop. Remember that you’ve traveled here with your wife and her growing baby belly and you are not alone. Keep climbing.

By night I’m Indie in a pit of poison snakes
By day your joined twin aches for second takes

When your car is almost completely unpacked, push aside a lump of unboxed clothes. Beneath them you’ll find a painting of your hometown’s landmark, a towering steel lift bridge. The painting was a gift, something to remind you of home while you were away. But now it’s been crushed beneath boxes of books and dishes, it’s frame split and the print curling beneath the glass. Throw it away.

In the mornings, before work, walk your dogs up the hill to the water tower. Listen to the second track on the EP, “Thoughts of a Man”, and look out over the town while it wakes with the sun. Forget momentarily about the city you miss and snap a photo of the view with your phone. In turn, recognize any sudden warmth you feel as a sort of false nostalgia, a tugging of your heart by the same hand that broke it.

What leads to defeat in this city complete with beaches and bargains on art
Is the thought which lead me down those dirtier streets
to willfully cause us to part

Fall comes, and you’re still listening to Divorcee’s self titled EP, specifically the track titled “The Last Fist”. The sun rises later now and you won’t catch any rising swell of light before work. The days become short and cold.

Continue to walk your dogs in the morning, now with a tinge of bitterness at the growing monotony of the task. Pause for a moment–come to the realization that two hours south things are probably not so different. Your former and current city both hold stubbornly to a relentless winter to come.

In the club my bare legs glisten
On the couch while i sat and listen
To you as you say all you do is for me
And I said thats one thing we’ve in common don’t we

Your landlord hired someone to attach a railing to the staircase. You’re feeling a bit more at home. Begin a brief obsession with interpreting Divorcee’s “Absence and Presents”. It is the most interesting song on the EP because it feels like Anna’s rebuttal to the songs written about her on Yoni’s Alopecia. She counters with a lyrical wit not dissimilar to Yoni’s in WHY?, and seems a necessary addition to the outpouring of love and frustration focused at Anna on Alopecia. Continue to feel progressively more comfortable with your move home.

Attend a doctors appointment with your wife in which she will have an ultrasound. For the first time, see images of the baby growing inside of her. Learn that she will give birth to a baby girl. Secretly, it’s what you both hoped for, despite claiming to have no preference when asked by friends and coworkers. In celebration, return to the first track, “Snakes and Oysters”. Fall asleep on the first night of knowing you’re having a girl to the last verse of the song. It’s important you do this because it’s what the song is for, and helps your resentment about the move grow smaller still.

Now my battles have waned and seem minute
And I miss how each breath of youth burned acute
But every memory that I conjure brings the pain that this won’t last longer
I’m saying how I raise my daughter will be a tribute 

You can stream and purchase Divorcee’s EP from their Bandcamp page.