Madison's Bereft to release Debut Album

Madison’s Bereft to release Debut Album

If you’ve also wondered since the first time you saw True Detective’s Cohle and Hart on the screen, bickering over matters of time and death, or “…the idea of allowing your own crucifixion”, which loud, atmospheric metal band is going to be the first to sample this shit?, wonder no more. It’s Madison, Wisconsin’s Bereft. Their debut album Lost Ages drops on the 18th of November from Silent Pendulum Records.

Bereft plays a blend of post-metal similar to Deafheaven’s most recent Sunbather, but they take the sound further with their venture into doom laden riffs and the occasional clean vocal part. Entire tracks are dedicated to ambient musings that burst into blast beats or the slow drive of a sludge induced breakdown. Their reach across genre’s (they’re even melodic and rockin’ at times, towards the end of the first track) is what stands out most. The sharp cuts from atmospheric noise into blast beats never sound forced, and their ability to add doom to the mix is what I love about the record.

Lost Ages only consists of five tracks, but more than half of them clock in at over six and a half minutes. You can stream the whole record right now from Repartiseraren. Head over to Silent Pendulum for the pre-order. Below is a video of True Detective’s Cohle headbanging for ten hours straight, because it seems appropriate.