Matt Langlais and Lake Superior, Video Session

Matt Langlais and Lake Superior, Video Session

Before we get to some seriously good content, I want to insert a little foreword regarding Mostly Midwest. In the past seven months we’ve posted just as many articles, and that feels seriously meager when I think about it. I get asked often what’s going on with the website, and what I always say is that “it’s on the back burner,” and that’s exactly where it is. It’s not in the trash, or the recycling, or even in the freezer, to be removed and thawed at a more convenient time. Like a perpetual stew, we’re still cooking—low and slow—and we never know exactly when we’re going to be ready to serve up another helping. Thank you to everyone who has continued to come and partake of what we have to offer. I’m excited to say we have a lot of great stuff on deck—a handful of film rolls from Harvest Gathering and Lamplight 2016, video sessions with some of our favorite artists, and albums that we’ve really been enjoying. Facebook is hardly an ideal place for us to reach anyone anymore, so if you could just continue to check in on us occasionally, we promise to keep delivering the sustenance that is Midwestern music.

Now, on to something (someone) really special.

Matt Langlais is one of my closest friends, confidants, and creative partners. I struggle to recall the number of shows, video sessions, demos, songs, and photographs that we’ve created together over the past 5 years. And over this time, he’s never ceased to surprise and impress me. From the first time I heard his debut EP in 2011, I knew that I needed to inject myself into his music and be a part of it in whatever way he would allow me.

Langlais pours his honest self into the music he makes. Every song, every chord, every lyric is exactly what he wants it to be—not what he thinks it should be. He isn’t afraid to take extreme risks at the cost of being atypical.

I’m excited to share with you two videos we shot on the shore of Lake Superior during our annual fall camp retreat in the Keweenaw Peninsula. Matt has been working on new solo material, amidst working on a new project, Cygna Lyra, with creative partner Emma Hitch, and we’re hoping to take these and a bunch of other great tunes into the studio soon. In the mean time, his bandcamp is full of great material, and he’s performing this Saturday, November 12 at Northern Michigan University with Beach Fossils and Varsity.