Matt Langlais

Matt Langlais : Barn Session pt. 1

Here’s some full disclosure – Matt Langlais and I are tight. Sometimes I play his songs with him live, I had a small hand in helping him out with the release of his debut full-length album “Patient”, we’re about to wrap up shooting a music video for his song “Friends” within the week and we Snapchat each other some pretty weird things. I’m telling you all this not because I want you to know I’m bias (I am), but because that’s just how good Matt is. As a songwriter, as a friend, as a human being.

Matt Langlais is one year out of high school and five years past where I was (and, frankly, probably you, too) at that point. His songs drip with the painful reality and hopeful dreams of growing up in small town midwestern America. He says things that we didn’t know quite how to say when we wanted to, and now those things have passed and it’s too late for us to remember quite exactly how they felt.

I’m still in that. I still don’t know quite exactly how to tell you that Matt is the prodigal transplanted son of the Dickinson County folk scene. Hopefully you take my word for it. Hopefully you watch these two session videos of him and his songs. Hopefully you come back in a few days when the second half of this session is online. Hopefully you listen to, and buy or download, his debut full length album.