Pat Carroll : Video Session from Farm Block

Pat Carroll is a Kalamazoo singer/songwriter. His biography on his website says “I think honesty is the single most important trait one can possess, and I hope this is reflected in my music. I truly believe that there is no point in trying to get a message across, if you can’t convince people what you are saying is real. I hope that above all else, my music comes across as just that; real.”

It sure does.

I spent two days recently in the studio with Pat documenting as he was tracking his new album with Dan Haefs and Keith Kinnear at Troubadour Recording Studios in East Lansing, run by Corey DeRushia. On top of just having an over-all great time filming this crew, I was entirely floored by Pat’s songs. Few musicians have brought me to tears (maybe I’ll make a list one day) but none have done it as quickly as Pat. Dripping with honesty, integrity, hardships, loss, struggle, and love, Pat’s music carries with it an emotional waterfall.

You’ll be seeing plenty of footage from the recording of Pat’s album in the near or far future. In the mean time, watch our two-part video session with him from this years Farm Block Fest.

Pat’s website can be found here.

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