Rabbit Island, video session with Chris Bathgate

This might be the coolest thing I did all summer. Probably.

We gave you an introduction on Rabbit Island before, but for short and sweet of it for any new-comers is this – A small island off the coast of the Keweenaw in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula was purchased by Rob Gorski, a doctor in New York, who is building an artist residency on it. Where do we come in? Well, I had the pleasure of going out to Rabbit Island with Chris Bathgate and friends to do a little video session, and I’m really excited about it.

You can listen to NPR’s Michigan Radio tomorrow (9/26/11) morning during The Morning Edition and All Things Considered to hear an interview with Rob talking more about the island himself. Click here to read the online story.

Click here to read Rabbit Island’s post on the matter.

As you can see in the videos with Chris, the sun was setting fast – but we had enough time to film a take of Graham Parsons performing one of his new songs as well. Graham currently has a kickstarter going for his latest recording endeavors. You’ll see that video up here in the next few days as well.

UPDATE : Click here to view our session with Graham Parsons.

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