Raw Honey, Wholesome and Sweet

Raw Honey, Wholesome and Sweet

Photographs by Chloe Sells.

Raw Honey is a duo originally from Ann Arbor comprised of Maggie Hopp and Josh Bay. Listening to the sounds of Raw Honey is an intimate experience echoed through layers of soft looping vocals and dreamy instrumentals. The songs are beautiful, melancholy, and sometimes haunting as she reflects on fleeting relationships, love, and nostalgic moments of the past. The band name first arose from the tauntings of an ex-boyfriend.

One day he brought over a jar of raw honey—I remember him putting a spoonful in my mouth, and it tasted so much sweeter and more wholesome than sugar. I realized there were things that tasted good and felt good that were also good for me. Honey is sticky which is something I’d like my music to be— I want my songs to stay with people, and ignite different sentiments.


When listening to Raw Honey, one can feel a sense of quiet loss and Hopp’s introverted reflections. “People have to experience deep emotions to have something to share with the world,” says Hopp. In one of her older songs, “Stereo,” what begins as a happy melody, “I felt so big inside, there was nothing to hide” ends softly with the line “there was a time when I didn’t know I’d be alone.” In her songwriting, Hopp says that her influences are not any one person, but the different parts of different people that she falls in love with every day.

Raw Honey is currently working on their debut album, including a handful of collaborations with Fred Thomas (Saturday Looks Good To Me, Life Like). Be on the lookout for a release in the spring of 2015.