River Street Roundup

River Street Roundup

By now you ought to know about The River Street Anthology—a project to archive Michigan musicians that Mostly Midwest is collaborating on. The sprawling, encyclopedic endeavor shows no signs of stopping soon. Follow the project on Facebook to stay up on the latest entries.

The team has been hard at work traveling the state and recording and cataloging songs. We’ve rounded up some videos, in no particular order, to catch you up on some of the talent the project has captured so far.

Loretta Lucas holds your attention from the moment she steps up to the mic. The cyclical melody in “Empty Ellipsis” is haunting and hypnotic—it’ll suck you right in.

Nolan the Ninja‘s energy seems boundless. His recording of “Dyanetics” will have you hanging on every word and leave you out of breath.

Estar Cohen performs “Moments” backed by an eight-piece band in a tiny, quiet coffee house. The performance is a testament to the spontaneity and inimitability of every live performance, and that’s what The River Street Anthology is all about.

Jay Stielstra performs “Manistee Waltz,” an original folk song that showcases his talent for timelessness.

Watching these videos has probably left you wanting to explore more of the acts The River Street Anthology has captured. Peruse the RSA Vimeo page—there’s plenty more to discover.