Salt Tour : Bridgehouse Session

Over the past couple of days I’ve felt like I should write some sort of “formal” announcement regarding the end of Bridgehouse. Well, here it is I suppose. Bridgehouse is done. It came down to too many people moving out and not enough people to move in. If you’ve never experienced Bridgehouse, all I can do is say I’m sorry. With acts like Matt Jones, Lightning Love, Great Lakes Myth Society, Hezekiah Jones, White Pines, and other great midwestern performers playing in the living room of a house for more than 5 years, Bridgehouse was truly an amazing place.

In what seemed to be the most fitting farewell to Bridgehouse, and subsequently the bridgehouse sessions (don’t worry, we’ll start something else soon), we snuck in a final session with the entire Salt Tour crew while they were here. Grab a box of tissue and check it out.