Show Writeup : Scene Metrospace 2/4/11

More Midwest music action took place over the weekend amid the art-covered walls of Scene Metrospace in East Lansing. Four groups from East Lansing, Kalamazoo, and Bloomington, Indiana delivered an amazing, high-energy show

First up was Roll Over Radio. Natives of Lansing, it’s odd to think I haven’t heard more about these guys. Led by CJ Kjolhede on lead vocals and guitar, ROR played a killer opening set. Mixing up the tempo and mood, ROR kept you guessing, but definitely kept you entertained, as they jammed their way to kicking off the evening with a bang. Jason Marr’s thundering bass, coupled with CJ’s wailing vocals, Jon Mickelson’s shredding guitar, and Bobby Halick’s tearing tempo really set the bar high on energy for the night. Luckily, for everyone at Scene, the following acts would not disappoint.

Second in the lineup was Jake Simmons. Citing The Clash as a main influence, they make it obvious as Jake and Co. attempted to blow the doors off Scene. With thrashing guitar, destructive drumming, and blasting bass, it’s a wonder all of East Lansing couldn’t tell there was massive tuneage going down off Grand River. Each song doubled up on energy from the last, and this freight train of pure electrified shred barreled out of Scene with a vengeance. Just when you thought it was over, these guys kept on chugging with tune after tune of fantastic folk rock with a heavy punk feel, even finding a way to slip a little blues into the show with “Different Shades of Green.” Jake screamed out an absolute dynamo of a set, and is definitely a show not to be missed.

Next up, Scene welcomed Husband & Wife from Bloomington, Indiana. These guys virtually define the folk rock genre. Their blend of mellow rock with folk-toned vocals, courtesy of the talented Mike Adams, really mixes incredibly well and makes for a fantastic live show. Zac Canale is a terror on the drums, pounding out some wicked pace, while Bryant Fox pours some emotion on the bass groove, and Tim Felton (a heavy competitor for coolest ‘stache) is furious on the guitar. The group was on point, delivering some truly entertaining pieces and channeled the energy of the night into another incredible set. You can listen to the entirety of it if you click here – and check out their extensive collection on bandcamp, including their latest album release: “Proud Flesh.” Overall, a truly great performance, and I hope to see and hear much more of this group in the near future.

Finally, Double Saginaw Familiarity took the stage to round out the evening. Dan Pechacek of East Lansing is one of the most talented guitarists I’ve seen. His first show I saw back at Scene blew me away and knowing he was on the bill for this lineup was even more exciting. Once again, he delivered with a great performance. His skill with loop and effects pedals is beyond description, and his recorded work really just doesn’t do his talent justice. This is one show that has to be seen live to fully experience how great it is. DSF never ceases to amaze and I look forward to the next time I can see him perform.

Ladies and gents, great things are happening at Scene Metrospace, and this incredible show was just a sample of more to come. If you are a resident of the Lansing area, be sure to add the page on facebook if you are interested in some quality shows. Coming up this weekend is the Scene Folk Festival, two evenings of performances featuring eight artists including Photographers, Small Houses, and Chris Bathgate. I hope to see you there.