Strawberry Heritage, "Overgrowth" Album Premiere

Strawberry Heritage, “Overgrowth” Album Premiere

photo by Maren Celest

I’ve watched John Hanson tend many gardens. He’s created communities, lush photographs, and absolutely breathtaking music videos. He’s sown these seeds, and they’ve sprouted and grown into magnificent displays of hard work. And I’ve seen his garden overgrow—sprawling both with weeds and a harvest so bountiful that you don’t know where to start.

The upcoming album “Overgrowth” from Strawberry Heritage shows us what it’s like to care for an overgrown garden.

I’m not of the sort of type to lie
but I love to lie with you.
I don’t think it’s kind to roll your eyes
but you know I sometimes do.
I don’t think about the troubled times
there’s far too much work to do.

Hanson shows us an incredibly honest and vulnerable tenderness in this collection of songs. Listening to “Overgrowth” just feels like you’re swaying on a tire swing with your summer love—feeling the knee-high grass flow back and forth across your knees as the frayed rope is about to break.

After two years of production the album will be officially available on November 29 through Bandcamp and iTunes, but we’ve got an exclusive stream to tide you over until then.