The Bell Beat’s Zany New Video Project

By August Smith

The Bell Beat is one of the groups who tend to keep busy with interesting side projects; take, for instance, their “Sh! Mob” project, incorporating their showgoers’ pictures and videos for projected display at their live performance, or maybe their fantastic Bridgehouse Session they did with us a while back. The group has another new trick up their sleeve, and they need your help. Take a gander at the press release below:

We’re making another music video with our pal Luke Hartley. The subject song isLabrador from our latest album Our Manderley. (See MostlyMidwest’s review here!)

For the video we’re hoping to benefit from the help of people outside our immediate group of friends (some might call these people “fans”). It’s simple. They shoot videos with their camera phones inspired by Labrador*, then send them to us. If their videos fit the bill, those videos may appear in the Labrador video. We’re planning to use the videos in a very odd way, one that we’d rather not talk about too much yet… In short, they won’t be shown without some level of manipulation.

The more videos we receive the better. That’s where you come in. If this sounds like an interesting (albeit vague) idea to you, help us spread the word by tweeting, posting, and blogging with mentions of the project.

The Bell Beat

So get out there and record, collaborate, tweet, and support this potentially really cool idea. And for a little inspiration, we have The Bell Beat’s Bridgehouse Session-version of “Labrador” below: