The Juliets’ “Perfect Season”

By August Smith

I first discovered The Juliets while boredly browsing releases tagged “Detroit” on bandcamp. It was one of those instances where first an album cover caught my eye, then the album’s opening song snared me, and soon I was continually selecting ‘repeat’  on the whole album. The five-piece (consisting of Jeremy Freer, Sarah Myers, Kaylan Mitchell, Ashton Hopkins, and Jax Phillips) aptly describes their sound as “baroque with backbone”. Fittingly, their self-titled first album was full of hooky indie-pop, ornamented with cello, violin, and the occasional horn section, with Jeremy Freer’s soft voice and nostalgic lyrics bounding back and forth with some very tight backing vocals.

The band just put out their second album, Perfect Season, and it’s a great progression for them- a bit more rock-oriented than their first album, but still maintaining what made the self-titled release so good. Songs like “Loon” exhibit their indelible ear for catchy melody, while songs like “Fashion” or “G.W.N.L.” reveal a heavier side- the side with backbone- that juxtaposes well with all of the elegant string-laden sections on Perfect Season. The band can make some really beautiful pieces, too, like on closer “You Found Me Out”, which pairs a simple bouncing piano with long pulls of a cello’s bow and Freer’s tightly-controlled falsetto.

If you’re looking for some catchy, well-crafted pop-rock, you can pick up Perfect Season for pay-what-you-want on their bandcamp. And below, stream the opening track “Loon” for a taste of what The Juliets do so well.